A rich history

The Mechelen City Archives already mentioned at the time of Napoleon, in 1808 the ‘Herberge de Peerdekens' (= the Horses) in the' Begijnenstraet’. Some years earlier, late 1700, there was already talk of 'The Gilded Horse'. In the annals, there is a leap until 1876, where we find for the first time the name 'Hotel de Drie Peerdekens' . Later, it became again 'Herberge de Drij Peerdekens’. Not only the number of Peerdekens (Horses) increased in 100 years, but also the prestige of the house. That reputation is maintained until the late 20th century. Lots of residents of Mechelen still have many personal memories of ‘De Drij Peerdekens’ where until the seventies, also a small bar and restaurant were situated. But at that time the hotel closed its doors and until 2007 it was no longer used. In 2007 a full facelift was launched. End of 2010 all rooms were refurnished and equipped with the necessary comfort. A new life for 'De 3 Paardekens ‘ has begun ...